How to Remove Nails from Wood; The Easiest Way


Got lumber full of nails? I remembered the first time when I tried to remove nails from wood, and it was a mess. There were wood pieces everywhere in my garage. Broken nail bits here and there and the lumber itself was in horrible shape. I thought to myself. There has to …

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9 Diy Router Table Plans: How To Build A Homemade One?


A router table is a stationary woodworking machine in which a vertically faced cutter or router bit protrudes from a hole in the machine table and rotates at high speed. This router is fixed upside down to the underside of the table top and or may be handheld as well. The …

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Do Nothing Machines

do nothing machines

Just so you know…it’s called a “Do-Nothing Machine” because you guessed it! It does absolutely nothing! I was introduced to these things back in the early ’60s when a classmate showed us one he got while living in the Philippines. This is one of the classic toy designs called variously …

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