How to Make a Router Table for a Plunge Router?

How to Make a Router Table for a Plunge Router

While woodworking, there will always be a danger when you are working with power tools. Whether you are fixing it onto the bench or using it with your hand only, the chance of slipping the tool out from your hand is very high. If that happens, unfortunately, you might injure yourself …

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How to Make Wooden Signs with a Router?

How to Make Wooden Signs with a Router

Wooden signs are considered as classy and stylish by many people around the world. Why wouldn’t it be? This magical masterpiece brings class and beauty to the place where it will be fitted. Whether you are putting it onto the entrance gate or in the living room, you will be …

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How to Use a Wood Router for Beginners?

How to Use a Wood Router for Beginners

A wood router is a potent and flexible tool, and the demand for it is very high when it comes to woodworking. You can create various unique edges onto your wood board with the help of this equipment. The features that come with this equipment are marvelous, and the most eye-catching …

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What Are the Different Styles of Woodworking Benches?

What Are the Different Styles of Woodworking Benches

For woodworkers, their beloved workbench is like their personal witch's cauldron-it's where all the magic happens. And if you've been into woodworking for a while, no doubt, you'll realize just how your workbench design can affect your actual work. The difference in workbench style and design is where the woodworking craft …

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How to Use a Chainsaw: a Beginners’ Guide

How to Use a Chainsaw

Chainsaws are undoubtedly amongst the most daunting tools. No one who has seen a chainsaw in their lifetime will doubt the ability of the machine to cut down a tree effortlessly (or chop one’s limbs off, for that matter). It goes without saying that as a beginner, you would need a …

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10 Best Wood Router Reviews 2020 – Expert Buying Guide

Best Wood Router Reviews

Routing is a technique used to shape up wood. With everything made more convenient and efficient nowadays, it is no surprise that methods of woodworking have also been updated. In the past, the main weapon for this routing technique was the worker’s hands. However, now it can be done better …

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10 Best Router Table Reviews – Expert Buying Guide

Best Router Table Reviews

If you've been involved in woodworking for a while, then you already know the many benefits of using a router. From decorative trimming, dovetail joinery, dadoes, slotting to more functional and subtle cuts, a router can really help you step up your woodworking game. Router tables take that a step further …

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How to Use a Woodworking Router for the Beginner?

How to Use a Woodworking Router

If you have an interest in carpentry, you must have heard the term router table and woodworking router. This is a versatile power tool that helps you to route complex and easy edges on hard wooden pieces. If you are a beginner and lack experience in working with a wood …

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