How to Use a Chainsaw: a Beginners’ Guide

How to Use a Chainsaw

Chainsaws are undoubtedly amongst the most daunting tools. No one who has seen a chainsaw in their lifetime will doubt the ability of the machine to cut down a tree effortlessly (or chop one’s limbs off, for that matter). It goes without saying that as a beginner, you would need a …

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How to Use a Woodworking Router for the Beginner?

How to Use a Woodworking Router

If you have an interest in carpentry, you must have heard the term router table and woodworking router. This is a versatile power tool that helps you to route complex and easy edges on hard wooden pieces. If you are a beginner and lack experience in working with a wood …

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What Type of Wood Router Will Be Best for the Wood Workshop?

Type of Wood Router

Do you wish to explore your creativity in woodworking projects? If you are in carpentry, you already know that wood router and wood lathe are basically manufactured for shaping or cutting a particular wood piece, right? A wood router is an excellent tool to meet your expectations for woodworking tasks. This …

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When Do You Use a Drill Press and When Do You Use a Router?

When Do You Use a Drill Press And a Router

Offering a multitude of advantages, both the drill press and the router is the best pieces of equipment to add any woodworker's shop. Woodworks have become more accessible than before due to these tools. When a drill press provides flexibility, control, and perfection in the drilling operation, a router helps you …

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Types of Wood for Construction: Are There Any Advantages?

Types of Wood for Construction

Wood is a versatile and renewable resource in construction work. It is quite strong, absorbs noise, biodegradable, economically efficient, and is quite good to work with. As a result, it is very often used to build houses and furniture. There are, however, many different types of wood that can be used, …

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8 Woodworking Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries

Woodworking Safety Tips

Woodworking is great until you get injured. Yes, it’s an enjoyable task for many, but woodworkers know it very well that you can easily get injured. While splinters are commonplace, there is also the possibility of more serious injuries. However, you should not be discouraged from woodwork because of the risks …

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Danish Oil vs. Tung Oil: Advantages and Disadvantages


After a lot of hours spent sanding wood, you want the wood to have a beautiful finish, but you are torn between whether to use Danish oil or tung oil. This article is aimed at helping you decide which oil you want to use to finish your woodwork. Both these oil …

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How to Apply Danish Oil Finish?


Danish oil is oil generally made with either tung oil or polymerized linseed oil and is used as a wood finishing oil. Danish oil is ideal for novice woodworkers as it can be applied without any special preparation. However, you need some directions; otherwise, things could go wrong. To help you …

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13 Wood Lathe Project Ideas for Beginners: As Easy as It Gets Done


Practice makes a man perfect. It’s certainly true, but especially when it comes to woodturning. If you are serious about woodturning and want to improve your skills, then it’s imperative that you start practicing at once. But don’t take complex projects at the beginning. You’ll most likely fail. Rather start with simple and EASY projects, …

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