What Are the Uses and Applications of a Bench Vice?

If you've done any kind of crafting on a workbench, be it with wood, metals, or any other material, you'll know how important stability is for getting the job done. No matter how skilled you are, without enough stability provided, you won't be able to work with precision. And that's where …

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Difference between Satin and Gloss: A Complete Guide


The shine on your furniture is one of the biggest eye-grabbing aspects out there. Especially if you are doing the finishing yourself, then understanding the elements required to make them pop is absolutely fundamental. However, people often find themselves at a loss when deciding between satin and gloss. Did you know …

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How Does a Chainsaw Work – A Guide for the Newbies

How Does a Chainsaw Work

Powerful tools that have had a huge impact on the timber industry, chainsaws are quite handy to have around at home. If you have a garden that you wish to tidy up by cutting logs, overhanging limbs, and trees, these machines are your best bet. Also, if you require wood for …

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How to Adjust a Chainsaw Carburetor?

How to Adjust a Chainsaw Carburetor

A carburetor is an exceptional part of a chainsaw that controls the quantity of fuel used by the machine. It is crucial to tune this section of the chainsaw properly because otherwise, your tool could malfunction and become difficult to use. A too costly adjustment could damage the engine eventually, which …

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How to Replace and Put a Chain on a Chainsaw?

How to Replace and Put a Chain on a Chainsaw

For a chainsaw to do its job properly, its chain needs to be in first-class condition. However, one common problem with just about any electric chainsaw is that it requires maintenance, especially to avoid problems such as corrosion and breaking of a chain. Despite taking care of your tool, over time, …

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How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain?

How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain

There is no blade on a chainsaw chain, but instead, it has a series of sharp teeth on it. When storing it, chains could get tangled up, which could be a pain to untangle. However, with the information below, even a newbie could take care of an unfortunate tangle situation.Prep …

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When Was the Chainsaw Invented – A Brief History

When Was the Chainsaw Invented

Did you know that the first set of chainsaws were invented to aid with childbirth? These machines were and still are quite practical and handy tools to have around at home. It does not matter if you want to clean up your yard, cut, gather firewood, or clean through messes of …

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Where Can I Rent a Chainsaw in the US?

Where Can I Rent a Chainsaw in the US

Chainsaws are handy tools to help cut through woods that you can invest in. However, is it a good idea to buy one, or is renting a better option? Even if you did decide to rent one, where should you look into? All of these questions have been answered below …

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Chainsaw Bar & Chain Sizes: How to Measure?

How To Measure Chainsaw Bar & Chain Sizes

We know what you are thinking. Just grab a measuring tool and, well, measure! We hate to break it to you, but if you want the chain on the bar of your chainsaw to fit perfectly, you will have to know more than putting in a little more elbow grease. So …

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Cool Things to Make with a Wood Router

Cool Things to Make with a Wood Router

A wood router is considered as the first choice among woodworkers due to its flexibility of use. Along with that, it has multiple advantages, which make it the first pick in various DIY and other large projects. You will be able to create masterpieces like patterns and even flawless edges that …

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