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Sweet Creations' Woodimals

Jim Sweet, of Sweet Creations, has created an intiguing line of animal puzzles he calls "Woodimals". They incorporate the name of the animal inside the animal itself. These copyrighted puzzles (and trademarked name!) sell well at art fairs, and now he is offering the patterns for sale.

  • You can see his "Bass" fish Woodimal and his "Koala" regular puzzle, among others, in the RBI advertisements for Hawk scroll saws in numerous woodworking magazines.

  • Scroll Saw Workshop Magazine , Fall 2001 issue, had an article about Sweet Creations and the Woodimals, and included the "Bass" Woodimals pattern and two patterns of his regular puzzles ("Humpty Dumpty" & "Man in The Moon"). Pictures of his "Skunk", "Kangaroo", and "Camel" Woodimals were also in that issue.

  • Scroll Saw Workshop , also recently included the "Camel" and the "Armadillo" Woodimals patterns in a collection with other patterns as an incentive for those who renewed their subcriptions for 2002.
  • You can get his price lists right here on this web page! AND...if you write to him and request his latest list, he will include a FREE sample pattern!

    Jim can be reached at sweetcreations@tri-lakes.net if you wish to purchase any of the patterns in the following lists:

    Sweet Creations Woodimals Puzzle Pattern Price List

    Sweet Creations Other Puzzle Pattern Price List

    Also included with your patterns is a personal letter explaining the types of wood suggested, the blades, and any additional instructions that may come to mind.

    Imposters and Imitators

    On another note, there are many imitators of his puzzles. I purchased this cat puzzle off eBay, but it is NOT a Woodimal! And neither is the dragon. Both are imposters!

    I have seen other similar puzzles on eBay, but none of them are official Woodimals. And these aren't even close to being imitators...but they ARE cute!

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