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Husky Malamute Carving
Ok, so this isn't *real* carving, but it was the best I could do on my first attempt at power carving. You know what they say - Practice makes perfect!
Husky Malamute Carving
This was *supposed* to look like a friend's dog, a gorgeous odd-eyed Husky mix. It was made of Blue Stain Pine with a Bloodwood tongue and an Ebony nose leather and is called a "Layered Animal". I carved in details with various Dremel bits because it looked too plain otherwise. I probably should have left it alone. The basic layered animal pattern is from The Winfield Collection. They have some 84 different layered animals in two sizes available. I'd like to do a few more of the different animal styles and practice my carving on them, since I don't like to hide wood with paint.

Unfortunately, the little carving has turned up missing after my friend moved, and I can't get any better pictures right now. When (if?) it turns up, I will change the pictures.

Currently my carving consists of detail work on other projects, usually intarsia. Here I carved details in the foot of my Great Blue Heron intarsia. It is the only carved piece in the project.
Carving of heron claw in intarsia
Another intarsia part that I carved was this little Ebony Kokopelli sitting on the flute of my larger Kokopelli intarsia. This was my very first attempt at playing with miniatures.
Carving of Sitting Kokopelli in intarsia

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