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I recently purchased these three puzzles off of eBay. They looked unusual, like they had a 3-D layer, but once they arrived here, I saw that most of the pieces were missing. Needless to say, I was VERY upset that this was not mentioned.

ice skaters santa, reindeer and missing sleigh(?) christmas carolers

Well, I have been thinking long and hard about these puzzles, and what can be done about the situation.

It will take some work, since I haven't made a tray puzzle yet, but I think I can re-create the missing pieces - sort of. It would be a lot easier if I knew what the complete original looked like, though. Does anyone recognize these? Can you send me a picture of a completed puzzle? Or maybe point me to the manufacturer?

I won't be able to duplicate either the paint colors or the exact shade of plywood on these tray puzzles, so the best I can do is use a completely different species, probably a dark hardwood and create a "background" of plain pieces to set off the painted ones. The original "level" idea that I thought I saw, I can probably create, since I won't be able to match the original wood thickness, either. So the background will be thinner than the original. I've never tried to cut a puzzle around existing pieces, so this could be an interesting and challenging project.

Stay tuned! I'll post pictures when I get them finished. Feel free to poke at me if I'm taking too long.


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