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Welcome to my world of intarsia, Kokopelli, Native American flutes, wood puzzles, oil paintings, stamp collecting, and poetry!

These pages reflect just a few of my multi-faceted interests, as well as my wacky personality. Clicking on the rainbow-colored buttons will lead you to my personal pages with woodworking and painting images, stories, poetry and information written by yours truly. On those pages you can find links to other people's sites that are related to what you just read on mine. Bear in mind that this is NOT a definitive list of my interests, and I'm subject to change upon whim and without notice. Woman's perogative, ya know!
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Just click on the buttons below to see my personal pages. If you pause with your mouse pointer over each button, you will get a description of where it will lead you when it is clicked on.

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My Painting and Woodworking

My Landscape Oil Paintings My Intarsia Woodworking My Wooden Puzzles Native American flutes I own
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My Stamp Collecting and Exhibiting

Main Stamp Collecting Page Cats on Postage Stamps Dodo Birds on Postage Stamps Afghan Hounds on Postage Stamps
My Coelacanth Stamp Exhibit My Comoro Islands Stamps and Postal Stationery Exhibit
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My Poetry and Creative Writing

Stories and Poems about Cats Some of my poetry Pterodactyls I have known Pinky and Brain Ponder Ponder
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My Life Sciences Interests

Siamese Fighting Fish Pictures of my Bonsai garden Hamster Genetics Ei-Kan Redpoint Balinese Cattery
Wild Peacock Nesting Diary
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My Science and Weather Interests

Amiga Computers Severe Weather, Tornados, Storm Chasing Hot-Air Ballooning
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My Favorite Personalities

Who, Me? A Personal Profile
Jimmy Buffett Links M.C. Escher images My friends
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WHY the answer to the Universe is "42"

All about Rainbows: Ever Wonder?

Click for Ponder, Texas Forecast
Just where IS Ponder, Texas, anyway??
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Wow! I finally got enough HTML figured out to earn this!!

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But, if something doesn't work correctly, feedback is greatly appreciated! You can click on the mailbox below to contact me via e-mail.

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world"
-- Albert Einstein.

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