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Stone Carving

Rose Alabaster

A friend and I came across a large chunk of gorgeous rose alabaster and I briefly thought of using my share of it for accents in my intarsia and wooden jewelry. Well, it crumbles too much when thinly cut to be used for that application, but otherwise, it is so easily cut with a scrollsaw and sanded like wood that I have decided to try my hand at carving it.

Stay tuned to this page for pictures of my first alabaster carving! And if you can think of something that would look good in pinkish orange translucent stone (other than a flamingo!) please let me know!

Soap Stone

I've also been given a few chunks of soapstone to try my hand at carving on, and I will be putting pictures up when I finally get around to working with it.

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Updated: April 25, 2000