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Stand-up Jigsaw Puzzles

I've been having some fun with some brand new blades from Mike Moorlach. The blades used for these tiny puzzles are his "Superior Puzzle Blades", and they turn tight corners so easily it's absolutely amazing! These images show just how good those blades are!

I plan on cutting a lot more different puzzles in this 1 inch size. They are only 1/4 thick and stand up by themselves, just like their normal sized counterparts. (These particular images are only temporary "quick-n-dirties" until I can get the time to create better ones for this page). The patterns are from a Japanese pattern book I have.

Please click to view the better quality enlargments.
Miniature Oak Puzzles Dark Poplar Miniature Puzzles

triple wavy puzzle-3 views

While I was cutting out the Great Blue Heron intarsia, there were some very interesting scraps that just begged not to be thrown away. They were created from cutting the reversal pieces of the water area that the bird is standing in.

So, after slight modification, here are 4 views of my first 3-piece jigsaw puzzle. It is the size of a large #10 envelope. Since it is made from 1-inch thick wood, it is capable of standing upright on a shelf as a rather surreal piece of art. In this view, the pieces look like underwater plants. Turned upside down, the pieces look like tornados. It was given as a gift to the young son of a friend of mine as his first jigsaw puzzle.

The colors in the puzzle are all natural. It is made from the dark and light areas of a piece of natural Blue Stain Pine. This is an intriguing wood from an area of Georgia where the chemicals in the soil stain certain parts of the wood inside the tree as it is growing. The pictures here do not do the color variations, striations and gradients justice. There are so many shades and streaks of yellows, orange, greys and blue in this piece that is difficult to decide which way to display it to best advantage! It is so intriguing that I almost kept it for myself! But then I remembered - I will have its opposite sections in the Heron.

Click here for enlarged views

4 3-piece Poplar Dinosaur Puzzles

In a simpler vein, here's a set of four 3-piece Poplar Dinosaur Puzzles finished with Butcher Block Oil that I sent to a friend.

I have lots of wooden stand up jigsaw puzzle patterns and several in my head that I want to cut out and show you, too. Hang in there...I'm sawing just as fast as I can!

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