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My first Miniature Puzzle Box class has been scheduled for Monday, February 12, 2001, at Woodcraft in Addison, TX. (North Dallas) Please call Woodcraft at 972-241-0701 to sign up & to get driving directions.

Black Walnut Flocked Miniature Puzzle Box Hawaiian Koa Miniature Puzzle Box Tulipwood Unflocked Miniature Puzzle Box

While my computer was in the shop for repair, I spent some time taking out my frustrations on a wild whim of an idea - creating miniature "bandsaw" puzzle boxes on my scrollsaw! These are the same size as my miniature 9-piece block puzzles, and are flocked inside. At the moment they are freehand shapes, but I hope to cut them in recognizable shapes now that I have my computer again to scale the outline images. I made some in Black Walnut, Tulipwood, Aromatic Cedar, Koa, and even Bois d'Arc.

These are my first attempts. My technique should improve with practice.

Puzzle Box Display at Woodcraft

While I was cutting them, I realized that I could teach someone easily how to cut these, so I took a few of them into Woodcraft in Addison, TX to discuss the possibility and 3 are now on display there with some of my block puzzles. The miniature puzzle box class is tentatively scheduled for February. More information as I receive it regarding this class.

Black Walnut Flocked Dual Compartment Miniature Puzzle Box

Dare I try for multiple compartments? I wonder how many I can make in a single box of this size?

My next experiment will be how to do drawers in these little things using only inside cuts, which a bandsaw cannot do.

Yes, I am having fun!

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