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Personalized Wooden Name Plates

I know I said I wasn't going to sell anything on my site, but I was recently presented with an opportunity that I just couldn't pass up.

Sheila and John Polhemus, of JP Woodworks in Waldorf, Maryland, have closed out their craft show items of wooden personalized keychain/keyring fobs, nameplates/deskplates and character cut-outs, so that they could focus on designing and selling woodworking patterns and templates. You can contact them for their latest scrollsaw and fretwork pattern catalog at the link above.

The following items were cut, mounted and finished by JP Woodworks. I am selling them for the same prices that they were originally sold in the craft shows.

Wooden Character Cut-Outs
Wooden Name Plates and Desk Plates
Wooden Key Chain Fobs
Pricing, Ordering and Shipping

Wooden Character Cut-Outs

The following wooden character cut-outs are currently available in limited quantities in either Mahogany or Spalted Mahogany and in rare instances, Walnut. Those that are pre-mounted are set on a Walnut base.

I will inform you of any changes if you happen to request one of the rare deviations from this design.

Since many of these character cut-outs are very similar, please place your character order by ITEM NUMBER to avoid any confusion. You can click on the picture or link below to view the enlargement that shows the ITEM NUMBER of the character you wish to include on your nameplate, or that you want to purchase separately.

Female Wooden Characters Female Wooden Characters Male Wooden Characters Domestic Pet Wooden Characters
Young Girls 1 | Young Girls 2 | Young Boys | Domestic Pets |

Miscellaneous Objects Wooden Characters Farm Animal Wooden Characters
Misc. Objects | Farm Animals |

Reptiles and Amphibian Wooden Characters Dinosaur Wooden Characters Wild Animal Wooden Characters
Reptiles-Amphibians | Dinosaurs | Wild Animals |

Wooden Name Plates and Desk Plates

These wooden nameplates and deskplates are cut from Mahogany or Spalted Mahogany and are set on a Walnut base. They are available both WITH or WITHOUT the wooden Mahogany characters attached.

I will inform you of any changes if you happen to request one of the rare deviations from this design.

Examples of Pre-Mounted Names with & without Character Attached

The following is a list of names that are available WITHOUT characters. You may order these plain or have a character of your choice attached. These are the ones that I will personally finish and attach to a base for you.
Plain Name Listing (No Attached Characters)

The following is a list of names that are available WITH PRE-MOUNTED characters, and the character attached to each name is listed. Let me know if you would like me to REMOVE the character for you. You will not be able to tell it was done. I regret that I am UNABLE TO REPLACE a character with a different one. It would be very noticeable due to the way these were originally created.
Pre-Mounted Names with Attached Character Listing

Wooden Key Chain Fobs

These sturdy wooden keyring fobs are in very limited quantities, most are one of a kind. Cut out of Mahogany and Spalted Mahogany, the names you see here are the ONLY names currently available at this time:

Female Names: Brittany, Cheryl, Dana, Jamie, Jasmine, Jill, Katy, Kiersten, Nadine, Nicole, Sheri, Tamara, and Wendy.
Male Names: Andrew, Brad, Donald, Jack, Jamie, Joe, John, Kevin, Mike, Scott, Steve, and William.

Available names: brittany cheryl dana jamie jasmine jill katy kiersten nadine nicole sheri tamara wendy andrew brad donald jack jamie joe john kevin mike scott steve william

Pricing, Ordering and Shipping

Item Dimensions:

Wooden Names are 1-inch high letters on 1/4-inch tall base that is 1/2-inch wide. Length varies with length of name.
Wooden Characters vary in size from 1 to 3 inches in either height or width, and are 1/4-inch thick. They are mounted on a 1/4-inch tall base that is 1/2-inch wide. Length varies with size and shape of character.
Wooden Key Fobs are 1-inch high letters with 1/4-inch border on 1/4-inch thick Mahogany. Length varies with length of name. Each comes with a silver-colored split-ring.

I will send you a scan or digital photo of the item you request, so you can view it before you order.
  • Mounted Name with Character - $7.50
  • Mounted Name only - $5.00
  • Mounted Character only - $2.50
  • Keychain Name Fob (includes ring) - $5.00
  • Shipping* (via Priority Mail) - $3.20
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50.00 or more!
  • *Actual shipping costs are by weight. Several items can be shipped for the same cost.

Please direct all orders to sunny@woodenuknow.com
Money orders, cashier checks, or PayPal will get items shipped immediately. Personal checks must clear before order is shipped.
If you have not yet signed up for PayPal, you can do so by clicking this PayPal SignUp link.

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