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Miniature Wooden Dollhouse Puzzles

These are actual working puzzles created for dollhouse DISPLAY only. They are much too small (and in some case, too delicate)for young children to play with. In most cases, they have been cut from 1/4-inch thick woods, are approximately an inch wide or tall, and stand up by themselves, just like their normal sized counterparts. Most of the designs are from a Japanese pattern book.

All puzzles on this page, except where noted, were cut using "Superior Puzzle Blades"from Flying Dutchman Blades. You can contact Mike Moorlach directly from this page, too. These blades track superbly and turn tight corners very easily. If you know of any smaller, thinner blades that are this good, please let me know, because I'd like to cut things even SMALLER! (Yes, I am insane!)

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Miniature Stand-Up Puzzles

These are made from 1/4 inch thick woods and stand up just like their normal-sized counterparts. The designs are from a Japanese pattern book.

miniature dog family puzzle in oak Dark Poplar Miniature Puzzles
Miniature Oak Puzzles Dark Poplar Miniature Puzzles

Miniature Pentanimals Puzzles

I call these "Pentanimals" because many of the individual animal pieces are made up of five (penta-)cubes in various configurations. An internet search did not turn up this "pentanimal" word. These are from a Japanese pattern book that has a LOT of this style of puzzle, one of which has 48 pieces that create one giant cube OR three different rectangles from the 48 pieces. Several make squares and cubes. I have a lot of cutting to do if I am going to show you examples of each of these.

The difference between these and the SOMA CUBE that Piet Hein designed, is that the Pentanimals are all flat pieces that lie in the same plane, while the SOMA CUBE uses 3-dimensional pieces.

These are quite fascinating, mathematically. Note that the Bird Cube uses 6 pieces to make a cube, while the Sealife Cube uses 7 pieces to make a cube of the same identical dimensions. Even though the pieces are similar, as well as the dimensions, the solutions to the cubes are very differnt.

Miniature bird pentanimal puzzle in canarywood Miniature marine sealife pentanimal puzzle in canarywood

Miniature Tray Puzzles

These are cut from 1/4 inch woods, with veneer as the backing to the tray.

miniature doghouse tray puzzle in dark poplar miniature sealife star-shaped tray puzzle in oak

Miniature Block Puzzles

These are currently on their own page, but here's a preview. Stay tuned for even SMALLER versions (1/4-inch on a side) now that I have these new blades!

9-piece Black Walnut Block Puzzle

Miniature 3D Sculpture Puzzles

My first project for this miniature style will be a Baby Rattlesnake...or, in the size I want to make it...a Worm! Hang in there!

SPACE HOLDER=image not available yet for baby rattlesnake-worm puzzle

Miniature Puzzle Boxes

These are currently on their own page , but here's a preview.

Black Walnut Flocked Miniature Puzzle Box

Miniature Impossible Puzzles

These are currently on their own page, but here's a preview:

Wooden Arrow through Danish Coin

Miniature Jigsaw Puzzles

My first project for this miniature style was cutting a postage stamp into 6 pieces. It was done when I first got my DeWalt 788, and with a much larger blade, and you can see where the kerf has taken away a lot of the original image.

As you can see, I don't do well at freehand cutting jigsaw knobs, either, especially with blades that are too large for the job. Hang in there, though...as soon as I can find a cheap postage stamp, and a jigsaw pattern I can shrink, I will cut another one using the finer Superior Puzzle Blades!

miniature postage stamp jigsaw puzzle

Miniature Intarsia and Segmentation

Still looking for the ideal design for one of these. Stay tuned!
SPACE HOLDER=image not available yet for miniature intarsia

I have lots of wooden stand up jigsaw puzzle patterns and several in my head that I want to cut out and show you, too. Hang in there...I'm sawing just as fast as I can!

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