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Three Dimensional Block Puzzles

My next 3D Block Puzzle-making class has been scheduled for Sunday, June 10, 2001, at Woodcraft in Addison, TX. (North Dallas) Please call Woodcraft at 972-241-0701 to sign up & to get driving directions.

9-piece Mahogany Block Puzzle

Here is one of my favorite patterns to cut! This 9-piece 2x2x3 Block Puzzle is made from Honduran Mahogany and was given as a birthday gift to my boyfriend, who is afraid to take it apart!

Miniature Block Puzzles

These are doll-sized miniatures, approximately 2x2x3cm in size, freehand cut from pen blanks in 9 different species of wood (so far). They are all "playable", although the 12-piece and 16-piece puzzles are very fragile and best used as display only. The 9-piece version is quite sturdy.

9-piece Black Walnut Block Puzzle

... I wonder what he will do when he gets these MINIATURE Black Walnut puzzles for Christmas!

9-piece Black Walnut Block Puzzle 12-piece Black Walnut Block Puzzle 16-piece Black Walnut Block Puzzle

I have several wooden block puzzle patterns and some in my head that I want to cut out and show you, too. Hang in there...I'm sawing just as fast as I can!

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